We verify that cosmetic and personal care products are cruelty-free

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The certification assures us that a product is cruelty-free

NGO Te Protejo began certifying brands as cruelty free in 2013, as the options on the market for products free of animal testing were minimal. To do this, our NGO contacted international organizations that were working on this issue, to learn about their processes and methods.

After a decade of carrying out this process, the access to cruelty-free brands in the Chilean market increased 21 times, going from only 10 certified brands in 2012 to 211 brands in 2022.

More than 150 brands have gone through the certification process of our NGO, and in 2021 an agreement was signed with the Cruelty-Free International to implement the Leaping Bunny program in Latin America, which represents the standard of excellence for cruelty-free certifications in the world.

This seal allows brands, in addition to being recognized and validated as cruelty-free worldwide, also to have the support of partners throughout the European Union and the United States.

If you want to know more about the certification process of our NGO, write to us at [email protected], you can also read the note we wrote with more information about it in this post.

Certification is the only way to prove that a brand is cruelty-free worldwide