Impacting public policies in favor of animals

Legislative changes are key to move forward in Animal Rights

To end animal experimentation, we need to impact different stakeholders

When we began working on changing consumer habits and ending animal testing for cosmetics, we saw that making changes in just one line of work is not enough. In addition to educating people on how they can select cruelty-free products, we identify that it was necessary to change the production policies of brands through their certification, and, promote public initiatives to end animal testing for cosmetics.

In 2013, the European Union banned cosmetic experimentation on animals, setting a global precedent to legislations on this issue. It is now known that hundreds of thousands of animals suffer and die each year for animal testing for cosmetic ingredients and formulations (HSI, 2021). Currently, China is the only country that demands animal testing by law to sell in its market.

Our organization, hand in hand with Humane Society International, has worked on the Be Cruelty-Free campaign in Chile, Mexico, and Brazil since 2017, aiming to make the population aware of the problem and promoting laws to prohibit these practices. In Mexico, the campaign managed to legislate for animals in 2021, we gather more than 1.5 million signatures in Brazil, and the bill project was approved by the Chamber of Deputies in Chile, within the support of the Cosmetics Chamber of the country.

You can support us by signing the Be Cruelty-Free Chile campaign in this petition.