Impacting public policies in favor of animals

Legislative changes are key to move forward in Animal Rights

To end animal experimentation, we need to impact different stakeholders

Our area of Advocacy it’s focuses on generating and enabling changes at a legislative, corporate, and governmental level in favor of animals. We know that raising people’s awareness it’s key so they can choose cruelty free products, but we also need to promote public initiatives to ban animal testing for cosmetics and other exploitative animal practices within the industry.

For this reason, we are working on researching legislations in Latin America for the cosmetics Industry, as well as identifying opportunities to advocate in favor of animals. One of the greatest precedents was in 2013, was when the European Union banned cosmetic experimentation on animals. It is nows known that hundreds of thousands of animals suffer and die each year to be used for testing cosmetics ingredients and formulations (HSI, 2021), and that China is one of the countries that by law requires animal safety testing to sell in its market, as well as others in Latin America.

Our organization, hand in hand with Humane Society Internacional worked on the Be Cruety Free compaign since 2017 in Chie, México and Brazil, with the aim of raising public awareness of the problem and promoting laws to prohibit these practices. The campaign has succeeded in legislating for animals in Mexico in 2021, gathering more than 1.5 million signatures in Brazil and legislating in some of its States, and passing the law in December 2023 in Chile.