People and initiatives that share values

Platform made for the ecosystem

The connection to the ecosystem of the cosmetic industry

As an organization, we know that connecting the key stakeholders of the local cosmetics industry is essential to generate good practices and promote respect for the environment and animals.

We have developed different actions that aim to enable this:

Ecobeauty (EcoBelleza) initiatives and events bring together companies, ventures, initiatives, and non-profit organizations in the same space, making their work visible to those seeking to make conscious purchasing decisions.

Alliances to generate visibility of those brands and entrepreneurship that are aligned with the values of our NGO through our digital platforms.

Strategic consultancies allow us to lead the conversation on the value of cruelty-free and animal testing-free certification.

All these actions have the ultimate purpose of generating a connection platform between people looking for products that respect the environment and animals, and those initiatives that offer a solution to this need.

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