We deliver give information for environmental responsible decision-making


The power of the consumer can generate great changes

Our Awareness and Education area is responsible for making available the greatest amount of data, recommendations, guides, and information that a person may need to change their consumption habits and start to choose only products certified as free of animal testing.

To achieve this goal, we use our digital platforms such as social media, websites, blogs, a mobile application and educational activism instances, to connect with people interested in taking this step, helping them start living a cruelty-free lifestyle.

All of this is possible thanks to more than 100 volunteers from six countries, where we are working (Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico). In addition to the cruelty-free consumption, we address other values that promote respect for our environment, such as veganism, zero waste culture, care for biodiversity, feminism, and the climate crisis.

During the 10 years of work of our NGO, we have managed to create a community of more than 300 thousand people in the countries already mentioned. We have more than 2 million downloads in our mobile app, and we gather the largest list of free animal testing brands, from the countries that where we are present. Check it here.

Your purchase is a vote for the policies of the company behind the product. You can choose what kind of practices you want to support. As more people start making conscious purchasing decisions, the more pressure we put on the market, while expanding the possibility of changes in favor of animals and nature.

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